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Electronic Office

Zero-code Workflow Automation System


Electronic Office mimics paper files and their movement between your employees. Electronic Office replaces paper files with digital electronic files, which move digitally between your employees in the Google Cloud.


Just as in case of paper files, an employee can enter textual information, as well as attach one or more documents, before sending the file to one or more other employees.


Do your employees routinely use email, WhatsApp and SMS to communicate with each other, even when dealing with important, high value, business processes, e.g.,

  • Order-to-cash
  • Purchase-to-pay
  • Insurance claim processing
  • Project management
  • Travel approval and expense reimbursement
  • etc. ?


Can you afford to have data and decisions pertaining to your important business processes scattered in different emails, WhatsApp and SMS messages, causing confusion and even fatal errors in process execution ?


Use Electronic Office for your key business processes starting today !

And the benefit from using Electronic Office ? ... All data and decisions pertaining to a business process get encapsulated in one single Electronic Office file, not scattered in different individuals' emails or WhatsApp messages. This is a boon for a process participant. All the information he / she needs to do his / her share of the work is available in one single easily accessible file.


Electronic Office features a number of valuable enhancements, which are impossible with paper files:-

  • Parallel workflow: A file can move simultaneously from one employee to more than one other employees
  • When a file moves, it always also flows back to the originator of the file, so the originator is always aware of the status of the corresponding business process
  • Only the originator of a file can archive the file
  • Archived files can be searched with one button click (Remember ... searching archived files is a nightmare in case of paper files)


How secure is Electronic Office ?

Saas Processes Pvt. Ltd. uses the same technology as in Blockchain to assure you that Electronic Office files have not been tampered with

... and Google encrypts Electronic Office files both while at rest, and while in flight, thus keeping them safe from prying eyes.


Electronic Office is offered to you as Saas, i.e., Software-as-a-service

Get started today !

Click here to create your database at no cost

Saas charges: ₹ 25,000/- p.m. (₹ 2,50,000/- per annum) from 3rd month onwards 

(Max. No. of Electronic Office files: 5000; Max. No. of attached documents: 10000)


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